Thursday, November 27, 2008

M400'S flying car, Paris london Just 35 Minutes

Moller's firm International (International Moller) of America California have designed revolutionary flying car of late and successful deep essays its flight, Moller is International expects to get develop operational prototype before 2012, and afters agreed by Aviation's Federal America America Administration, will be marketted next several years, price estimate each car is surrounding 500.000 ACE dollars, flight of London goes to Paris just need 35 minutes.

Moller Sky Car (Daily Mail)

According to British "Daily Mail", Moller M400's flying car that created by r & d. Moller international in it available 4 chairs, user-friendly, that firm says that provided that can pilot car will know how pilots it, since driver just needs to restrain aim and speed. M400'S flying car utilize etanol's fuel as drive it, its speed reaches 580 kilometers per the time of day, distance sails through farthermost be 1200 kilometers. To settle walks out in the sky, flying car also been proveded with machine divers and reserve parachute.

According to information, this vehicle won't ahead fly your house. Even this car gets flying of field one par of helipad's field measure, but it shall be pilotted to airport can just fly and landing.
Moller believes that everybody despite flies to use this car, also no need worried will there is solid over problem in the sky. One of that firm spokesman says, "We believe that deep its purpose air traffic will be divided deep a high different. If on given zoom was over solid, therefore will there is flying person on other high. "Moller is International expects vehicle prototype can come in to marketing on 2012 approaching, and kenderaan gets Aviation's Federal certification Administration is expected will be marketted next several years. Incorrectly a that corporate spokesman cast, currently they have accepted 100 orders, price each surrounding car 500.000 ACE dollars.

Honda OSM Roadster: demulcent sports car and environmentally-friendly

Concept one future car that environmentally-friendly have a lot of bermunculan and partly gets queer form but Honda's car concept this the one may tell impressive enough and one must environmentally-friendly.

Honda OSM (Open Study is Model) is roadster's type car that is introduced at British International Show's Motor haven't this so long.

Although haven't available detail specification, Honda OSM this is car that really demulcent and has buangan's issue gas that low.

Maybe not very in contrast to another car concept but one must, its pretty form it who will make some people more interests by Honda OSM.

Honda FC is Sport: future sports car with fueled hydrogen

One that you see is not one concept but have direalisasikan by Honda's acre, at least was shown off at Auto Show' s severally elapses's Los Angeleses.

FC is is is sports car from Honda what does utilize Hydrogen Fuel Cell's Sport' s technology which is utilizes Hydrogen fuel it's usas.

FC is is with capacity's Sport 3 its seats at least wants to prove that vehicle that environmentally friendly it is not always bad its form and not also vigorous. At "Press Release" they also being enlightened by color purpose turn white to paint car epitomize one which vehicle "clean slate" (environmentally-friendly) meanwhile velg's purpose (and tire) one that chromatic blacking to point out that this car also vigorous. So this color combine point out balance among environmentally-friendly and also vigorous.

Why not yeah green color?? Must more point out character "environmentally-friendly".